Magazine Subscriptions: Look For One Stop Shop For All Your Subscriptions

A popular saying “a book is man’s best friend” should include the word ‘magazines’ too. You will find magazines on almost any topic under the sun just as you would find books on a variety of subjects. Not only are magazines and books a source of information, they also keep you constructively occupied. Magazines tend to satisfy the ever growing thrust for knowledge.

Books vs. Magazines
While books can be stored and read as and when you want, they contain stories, whereas magazines contain latest informative content. Each magazine is generally restricted to a subject that affects one or other aspects of our daily lives. Thus, you can buy magazines that deal with topics like gardening, cooking, matters related to finance, cars, education, career, etc. Magazines are published periodically-weekly, fortnightly or monthly or bi-monthly.

Latest Information
Magazines offer opportunities to remain abreast of the latest trends and advances. Publication in the magazines is designed in such a way that a reader will not find it monotonous or boring – you will find good photographs, tables, even a page or two devoted to pleasures like crosswords, puzzles, etc. One can get magazines at the newsstands or book-stalls.

Magazines -Buy or Subscribe
If you are on lookout for one issue of a magazine, e.g. pass time during a flight, you would buy it from a book stand. If however, you wish to get a magazine of your liking regularly, you would subscribe for it. Buying every issue from a book stand would cost you more, besides having to spend time to go to the stand.

Online Magazine Subscription
One easy way to subscribe is to do it online. There are many sites on the internet that collect subscriptions for magazines of various publishers and facilitate delivery at your door step. The advantage of subscribing through such site is that they keep track of all your subscriptions, address and contact details; you need not go to individual publisher for a change in your delivery details. Customer is the king, so if you do not find a magazine that you want to subscribe to in their list, they will go out of their way to see that it is included and available to you. If you need to get magazines restricted to geographical areas, you could look for magazine subscriptions Australia, magazine Subscriptions New Zealand, etc.

So next time you wish to go for a subscription or a renewal, look for an ideal site that allows you to subscribe to all your favorite magazine under one roof. Also, look for sites that allow you to donate a part of your subscription for a good cause. That way you will subscribe for two things with a single payment – magazine and someone else’s happiness!

Carwash Franchisor Case Study

There are only a handful of car wash franchises in the world. This might offer some insight on how car wash franchises come into existence. This is a crazy story. It is the history of our company and how we ended up in the Carwash Franchise business. One of our franchisees of our mobile car wash business; The Car Wash Guys, was in Idaho, was the son of a wheat farmer, the areas largest farm family land holder in Idaho’s banana belt. About a month before he called us I put up this web site called and said what the hell, I will put up a form in case someone wants to buy a franchise for only auto detailing and not mobile car washing we can make a sub franchise out of it. Previously I did a couple of trade shows. The Black Expo and a BizOp/franchise show, great results and really I did not need any leads. But what I learned was their were significant people wanting low-priced franchises. So I put up the website and put a form on it and the very next day I get a lead from Phil the farmer in Idaho, looking for a simple business. He wanted to start a business, but stick more with auto detailing on a mobile bases, which was slightly different than that of our mobile care wash franchise. So he wanted a franchise ID. But heck I was in CA and ID seemed like another World at the time. It was. Things went good, because we made it work and Phil then bought a car wash guys mobile truck and later an auto detailing trailer and hired on some more workets.

Things again were getting even better. He could now detail and wash. He saved his money and decided to open a car wash. So he called me up one day and said Lance, Am I allowed to open a fixed site car wash? I thought, but I hate carwashes, because they hate mobile washers chipping away at their customer base. But then I thought the combo would be unstoppable. I said yes. Here is what we built:

This is over the river in WA State in Clarkston, Phil lives in Idaho in Lewiston. So then I had a franchisee operating three concepts in 2 states. He said to me. What do you know about carwashes? I thought, everything. I mean they are competition and I know my enemy better than the Navy Seal teams before entry. I had every industry magazine from the start of car washing magazines. I had every published book, manual written, and article, all in boxes. I have attended every trade show of the International Car Wash Association in the last six years, and collected literature at every table. It was a long project but we put the franchise together. Phil got his car wash opened and it became our prototype and then we started franchising fixed site car washes. It just proves you never know what you will learn or which market niches you will enter in the future as an entrepreneur. The important thing is to constantly scan the horizon for market niches and opportunities, which will work. Think on this concept today.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping For Antiques at Flea Markets and Garage Sales

The flea market and garage sale season are always popular. Here’s what you need to know to make your next flea market or garage sale outing a success.

DO arrive early. This is true for flea markets and garage sales. The good stuff really does get snapped up quickly. Remember you’ll have lots of competition from professional dealers to part time eBayers to the flea market and garage sale junkies who all start at the crack of dawn.

DO look for items with potential. A fresh coat of paint can revitalize an old chair. Old rubber boots and cracked teapots make great planters. Vintage ladders can store magazines or towels. Vintage lead glass windows can be fastened together to make screens or fashioned into mirrors.

DO be careful rummaging through boxes. Boxes of kitchen utensils may contain rusty sharp objects.

DO run your finger over the edges of glassware and dishes to check for chips and cracks.

DO have measurements and floor plans handy. You don’t want to get home and realize that your beautiful purchase won’t fit in the desired space or more importantly it won’t even fit through the door.

DO have the right gear. Bring a measuring tape, note pad and pencils.

DO have a rolling basket to cart around your purchases at a flea market.

DO take your item away right away. You don’t want to run the risk of returning at the end of the day to pick up a large purchase to find that the seller hands you back your money because he accepted a higher offer.

DO know the value of merchandise so you’ll know if you’re getting a deal.

DO check marks on silver and porcelain. So have your pocket reference guides handy.

DO target garage sales close to affluent areas because they’re likely to have good stuff.

DO negotiate. Now is the time to haggle. But you should always have a top price in mind and be prepared to walk away if the price is too high.

DO buy a number of things from one seller. The seller is likely to give you a good price to buyers who purchase more than one thing. You’ll usually come out ahead.

DO ask the seller his price. You don’t want the seller to ask you how much you are willing to pay because you may mention a price higher than what the seller was thinking.

DO bring cash. Bring some small bills. Don’t pull out a $20 to pay for a $3 item.

DO check for the return policy at a flea market. Most likely there isn’t one.

DON’T get too excited. Remain calm, cool and collected when you see something that you love. Gushing over a piece is sure to send the price skyward.

DON’T buy the first thing you see at a flea market. Do a quick walk about the flea market to check all the goods. You don’t want to be disappointed when you see something that you like better two aisles over.

DON’T make impulse purchases because they likely will become merchandise for your own garage sale down the road.

DON’T look too good. Leave the fancy car, jewelry and togs at home. This will help with the haggling. Sellers won’t budge too much on price if they think that you can afford to pay more for it.